Hairhalo Hairband Limited Edition Disney Princess Collection - Ariel

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Invisibobble Disney Princess Collection Ariel HAIRHALO; Disney Princess collection from Invisibobble celebrates the strong Princess characters that have inspired generations with stylish accessories that transform you into your favorite Disney Princess.

Limited Edition Arial Hairhalo hairband

✔ The Adjustable Headband: Crown yourself queen for a day with our fully adjustable headband. The technology of the invisibobble Disney Princess Ariel HAIRHALO is as hair loving as it gets. Try the headband on, adjust it where it is too tight or too loose by bending it, and then wear it comfortably all day long. Even more, it leaves just a few marks on your hair. One size fits all. Ages 4+.

✔ Superior Comfort: Do you have to suffer to look beautiful? Not with invisibobble! Traditional headbands often lead to pressure on the temple, headaches, and scalp irritation. That’s over with the HAIRHALO.

✔ Individual Shape: In places where it’s too tight or too loose, the HAIRHALO can be individually adapted to the shape of the head and worn all day without pain or uncomfortable pressure. Plus, the stylish hair accessory is a real eye-catcher!

✔ Shape & Material Make the Difference: The metal on the inside is covered in a soft fabric, and therefore does not have any sharp edges that could be uncomfortable. The three-dimensional wave form guarantees a strong yet hair-friendly hold. Thanks to the even spaces between the waves, the hair is not constricted, thus traces can be avoided.


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