Marvelous Moisture Coconut Hair Conditioner for Dry Frizz Prone Hair

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Inecto Naturals Moisture Coconut Conditioner - A luscious range of Hair Care products, the Inecto Naturals Coconut range will leave your hair feeling velvety smooth and super-sleek looking, while heavenly scented with the tropical aroma of coconut. Tailor-made for those with dry and frizz-prone hair.

Silky, sexy hair is impossible to resist. This creamy conditioner absorbs quickly to hydrate and detangle your hair. Try it once, and be forever in love with your new super-silky shine. Seduce your tresses with this super-creamy conditioner for a splendidly silky reward. Infused with Pure Organic Coconut Oil, your hair will be relieved of dryness and smell beyond amazing.


How To Use - Massage in to damp hair for 1-2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Feel good hair and skin care products enhanced by the goodness of natural ingredients, Inecto Naturals Ingredients have no animal testing, are vegan friendly and use organic & sustainably sourced oil.


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