Super Shine Argan Shampoo for Dull Damaged Hair

Inecto Naturals UPC: 5012008591904
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Rinse out that dullness! Inecto Super Shine Argan Shampoo cleanses and moisturises your hair for a glowing shine. You’ll be showing off your super sexy, super shiny hair in no time. Give your hair a rich, nourishing wash with Inecto Super Shine Argan Shampoo. Infused with Pure Organic Argan Oil, your tresses will be left with a beautifully healthy shine.

Just massage into damp hair for 1-2 minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Feel good hair and skin care products enhanced by the goodness of natural ingredients, Inecto Naturals Ingredients have no animal testing, are vegan friendly and use organic & sustainably sourced oil.



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