Fresh & Dry Balls - Cool Scent

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Below the Belt Fresh & Dry Balls - Just like deodorant, except for your balls.

Fresh & Dry Balls is a male grooming essential, specially formulated to combat sweat and odour Below the Belt. Whether it's a killer workout or a hard days graft putting a dampener on things, we've got you covered with our ultimate knacker lacquer.

Our Fresh & Dry Balls™ Cool fragrance is a tantalizing blast of icy mint with a citrus hint for an extra tingle down there. Think, dipping your nads into the North Sea. 75ml

BENEFITS: Gentle formula, Dermatological tested, Absorbed quickly; Leaves a healthy dusting of talc like powder; Contains essential oils; Keeps you fresh; Vegan; Sensitive Skin; Cruelty Free & Talc-Free

HOW TO USE: Apply after showering to stay fresh and dry for up to eight hours. Applied as a gel, Fresh & Dry Balls dries to a silky fine layer, leaving the groin area dry and comfortable for hours.


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