If you’re dealing with challenges related to payment terms, please feel free to skip ahead to Step 4.

Step 1

Ready to check out? On the top right corner of the page you will see a shopping cart icon with the number of items you’ve added to cart, click on this icon.

Step 2        

Once you click on the shopping cart icon, you will see a scrollable list of items you’ve added to your cart, please click on the “View cart” button at the bottom of this list.

Step 3

You will be met with a list of everything you’ve placed in your cart. Now is a great opportunity to review all the items you’ve added to your order to make sure everything is orderly and that the quantities are correct.

Once you’ve verified everything in your cart, you will see a box to the right that shows your order total, proceed to take the following steps:

A) *Optional* If you have any special instructions, click on the text that reads “Order instructions,” a text box will appear in which you may type out any instructions you would like us to review. Please note that while our team will do their best to complete the instructions indicated in this field, not all requests may be possible.

B) Please read the message and click on the box next to “I Understand” to confirm.

C) You are now ready to proceed to the next page, click on the “Checkout” button to continue.

*Step 4

A) You will now choose your form of payment; Net 30, or Credit card. Please note that clients who do not meet the terms of their Net 30 agreement will have this option removed for future purchases. Kindly contact us at customerservice@belerbrands.com should you require more information.

B) Once the payment method is indicated, you will need to choose whether your billing will be done to the address you are receiving the parcel, or if you wish to use a different address. If the second option is true, please fill out all the fields that will appear below.

* Please note that Net 30 terms are only available to clients who have gone through a credit check process and have been approved. If you have not been through this process, your account will not have this option at checkout. Please reach out to customerservice@belerbrands.com if you would like to be considered for these terms.

** Do your payment options look different from those in the image above? If you've been pre-approved yet you’re not being shown the option to purchase using Net 30 terms, there could be an issue with your browser. Please follow Google’s instructions on clearing your cache, this will help reset the page. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please reach out to us at customerservice@belerbrands.com so that we can help.

Step 5

Take a moment to review all the information on this page before clicking “Complete order” at the very bottom.

Step 6

Congratulations, you’ve completed your order!

If you happen to notice any errors at this point, please reach out to the BBM Customer Services team at customerservice@belerbrands.com immediately so that we may make the necessary corrections before your order is processed and leaves our warehouse.

Thank you for trusting Beler Brand Management with your business.